Sunday, March 30, 2008

#271: unbelievably less than $15,000.

photo by jessica johnston as seen on snippet & ink.

key take-aways from knottie 99vintageglam who was able to plan her outrageously beautiful wedding for under $15,000:
*75 guests
*non-floral, all candle centerpieces
*ornate venue, minimal decorations
*tissue pomanders
*beer and wine only (per venue's orders)


east side bride said...

I fell in love with this wedding too... But you made me look again - I didn't realize the centerpieces were all candles. They look terrific!

jessica lynn said...

i saw this wedding and COULD NOT BELIEVE it was under 15,000. unreal.

Teana said...

thanks for sharing this! i plan on adapting her pew pomander idea. :) i wish i could keep our guestlist to under a 100...however that would prove to be a superhuman feat.

Amanda said...

Hi! In addition to your list, I have to add:
-no videographer
-small bridal party
-hard core DIY fiesta (invites, pomanders, programs, ...)
-officiant is part of the family

thanks for featuring us!

erica said...

this is how i did my wedding, too. although it didn't turn out quite as glamorous...
70 guests, no bridal party, exuberantly decorated restaurant, minimal floral centerpieces, haitian subway musician...

G said...

I so, so love this wedding, proving once again that you can do a beautiful, expensive-looking wedding on the cheap. This couple has great style and definitely had great vision too, which is important. The best compliment ever offered us for our wedding was how so "very us" it was. Convention and tradition are so boring--but with a twist, it can be so unique! Congrats to this couple!

Amanda said...

Yes m'aam! Under 15 Grand is phenominal. This is what I want to do too. Georgeous. And they will have no regrets.

Candle centerpieces are wonderful, less expensive, and to me set such a romantic mood.

Could I make it look as yummy? I would like to think so!


Catholicgauzette said...

It appears that the photos no longer show there. A shame.