Sunday, March 23, 2008

#268: wedding ideas.

i got tagged by a little of this...a little of that!

-List your top three new favorite wedding ideas
-Link back to the post of the person who tagged you - this will create a continuous stream of posts that readers can follow
-Tag a new person and share the rules.

three new favorite wedding are wedding ideas really ever new? ha. though i do think 'trends' would be the more appropriate term, i also don't think i know enough about them or what's really considered new or old. so i'll just talk about very general progressions i've noticed in the wedding blogosphere and happen to really like.

1) bucking the trend. many brides are thinking outside the box. dresses, traditions, etiquette are no longer set formulas. anything is possible! oh, and engaged-to-be's are scoping options before we're even supposed to. (guilty!)

2) less is more. tacky over the top shenanigans are losing their place to meaningful, loving, intimate, affordable affairs.

3) generous wedding industry folk. i mean, have you guys seen all the amazing contests i've posted about in the past few months? i love that through winning these contests, we the people, not we the extravagantly wealthy, are offered the chance to partake in some of the most amazing talent out there.

i'm quite thankful for this tag because i've really hit a blogging wall these days. i don't know why but i've been diligently scouring tons of blogs every single day and haven't felt any sparks. maybe i need some direction. and a research topic. which of my label topics do you need help with? as i help you, i will be helping myself. so please, do us both a favor and throw me a suggestion. thanks!

that said, i need to tag someone who can share her 3 new fave wedding ideas. a normal person would tag someone who blogs about weddings in her spare time. but...i am not normal. so. i'm going to go out on a limb here and tag not miss wedding blog but rather...miss creative. amber of daisy chain. who's in hawaii at the moment and making me exceedingly jealous with all of her lovely island musings.


HappyAmy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. Budget is a priority for me so I'll be following along. As for topics-right now I'm searching for an affordable venue that will provide the rustic charm and scenic beauty I'm hoping for! Any tips for venue shopping would be greatly appreciated!

Etiquettely Correct said...

do you have any tips on where to find large glass cookie jars? other than Target? Love your blog!

jessica lynn said...

yay for bucking the trends!!! i'm all for it!!

east side bride said...

right on!

amber said...

10K, I just saw this and got right on it, thanks for the "miss creative", I just love that!

etiquettely correct - have you tried or, both have large jars at great prices.