Monday, March 10, 2008

#265: magic word.

did someone say bulk? oh hey hey! thanks miss hydrangea!

enter: the dollar tree. so i did some browsing and found a couple of goodies for you.

if you live in a rainy place:

dollar umbrellas.

if your wedding is outdoors:

dollar sunglasses in various styles. (this would be friggin brilliant, and a fab photo op!)


Anonymous said...

that's so funny... i was just in there the other day and wishing i was planning a wedding or something. they had these great bamboo serving/breakfast trays. i thought they'd make great center pieces or even hold the gifts you place in hotel rooms for out of towners

invisiblyrose said...

hi there, i just found this blog and i think it's great. thanks for that link!

scamps said...

I ordered a bunch of ginger jar vases for the centerpieces, and a bunch of toy airplanes to give to the kids (our wedding has a slight aviation theme). The ordering process is a bit annoying, though. First you send the order in online, THEN they call you to finalize the order and do the payment.

amber said...

I am super intrigued to say the least, I can already envision custom labels, hang tags...sooo cute!

Suzi said...

I just bought 60 shovel and pail sets for my beach wedding, I also got 3 packs of bubbles and pinwheels, and "splat balls" for the kids. I love the Dollar Tree, my town has 3 stores!