Wednesday, December 12, 2007

#224: doing good.

hot diggity, readers! thanks for all the sweet info on the photog post! i looked at some of the sites you suggested and voila, came across this picture. (great picture, don't you think? packages start at $800. i know. w.o.w.)

photo by aaron almendral.

favor and charity rolled into one? i dare say yes. i think this is such a fantastic idea. on a rather self-indulgent day, it's a great reminder to have one foot on the ground and be grateful for everything we are and have.

there's 'livestrong' of course...but i've also seen pink bands, red bands, blue bands, purple bands, etc. all supporting various causes. it could also be used as a paperweight for place cards with some ribbon or in pretty see-through pouches.

cheese warning: inspiration rocks and all of your suggestions frequently inspire me. i may not be able to write about them but i read ALL of your comments, sometimes over and over again (OCD), and always explore the possibility of your ideas. thank you.

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Sorry to post this here, but you've won a Wedding Blog Award.

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