Sunday, July 27, 2008

#336: my big-ticket summer buys.

what's a good purchase if i can't share them with you, right?

tory burch alexis gladiator sandals
i bought these shoes back in april or may and promised myself i'd wear them enough to justify how much they cost ($275. i know i knowwww!). i can't say i NEVER regret the purchase while walking past cute gladiators that are much cheaper in another store...but those feelings don't really stick around for long and i do feel quite HAWT when the glads are decorating my feet.

jill stuart gemma heel
i JUST bought these lovely shoes. they're from the spring 08 collection and they were on sale for $250. i asked the fiance to do some detective work on his bberry to see if they were cheaper online but he couldn't find any sellers. so i bought them in the store. and when we came back home, both of us searched and searched online...and came up with nothing. i guess they didn't make too many of this model...which makes me all the more happy to have snagged a pair.


Guilty Secret said...

Wow... those Jill Stuart ones are GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

yes - GORGEOUS. Those are hot. What a great buy. I'd rock those everyday if they were mine. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how you want to get the most bang for your buck on your wedding but think nothing of blowing hundreds of $$$$ on shoes...

yina said...

I agree... for someone who is looking to throw a $10,000 wedding, I assumed that you were a financially savvy chic...tsk tsk. Jean Chatsky would hang her head in disappointment :-(

Anonymous said...

read more of her blog.
she never claimed to be anything else.
in fact she states quite clearly her objectives and why.
and why is there one definition or look for "financially savvy?"
and "blowing?" now that is loaded.
why not celebrate with her when she has something exciting to share.

agba said...

Funny, my name is alexis and my sister's is gemma, this post was meant for us. Weird. Both pairs are super hot, just like us, ;)

Anonymous said...

they are great!

candy said...

great buy!!