Saturday, March 8, 2008

#264: vintage wedding dresses.

etsy wedding recently posted a link to vintage wedding stuff. i don't know WHY but i'm on shopaholic mode lately so i immediately added "dress" to that and did another search. if you're inspired to do a little stitch here and a little stitch there, these could definitely work some magic for you on your special day. imagine the possibilities.








Jenna said...

I love that last one so much that I am actually kind of sad so many other people know about it now, what if someone buys it before I do?

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

My wife Elizabeth and I were married in 2006 and she wore a vintage dress as well. We found it in an little antique shop.

If you are curious, you can find a photo of my beautiful bride in her dress here:


amber {daisy chain} said...

ok, so my wedding dress was made from a vintage dress and I LOVE this idea. I found the dress that a wedding dressmaker's shop, showed her a photo of an Azzedine Alaia (sp?) strapless a-line dress I'd been carrying around and she make it EXACTLY how I wanted it, with the most amazing embroidered organza I'd ever seen. It truly is one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

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